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Welcome to OneRank

OneRank powers product roadmap and capacity planning and provides ultimate roadmap visibility to the entire company. It enables effective collaboration between product and engineering, even in a remote and distributed environment.

OneRank takes the heavy lifting of manual roadmap planning and regular status updates away, making you more efficient and successful.

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After the registration you will see the demo data. Each page has a self-guided tour. Just click on the question mark button in the bottom left corner.


Roadmap Planning

The Roadmap Planner allows you to manage roadmaps of varying complexity. It can be a single stack rank list of items you plan to release this quarter or represent three to six months roadmap, etc. A complex multi-level roadmap may include initiatives, epics, and stories, but is not limited to pre-defined tickets. You also can move elements from one level to another.

Moreover, it’s possible to customize each ticket type or create your own. Also, you can adjust column settings, add new items, assign items to the teams, update their priority, etc. To find the Roadmap Planning button, go to the left sidebar navigation menu.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning is embedded into each roadmap. You can assign teams to items where each team has a capacity and each item has an estimate that translates directly to how much of the team's capacity is taken.

If you want to plan different scenarios without changing the existing roadmap, you just need to create a new scenario and make your own changes: update the order of the items, assign new teams, and modify the estimate. Once you are satisfied with the result - activate the scenario, and all the recorded changes to the roadmap will be applied. You can add new teams and assign items to the new teams as well.

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Share your roadmap planning challenges, and let us help solve them for you with OneRank.

At OneRank, we value our customers the most. We want to hear about your product roadmap planning challenges to help solve them together with you.

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